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Social Initiatives :

At the Oswal Group of companies, it is our firm belief that progress is possible only we fulfill our social responsibilities.

We are committed to protecting the environment and to ensuring optimal utilization of our existing capabilities in the best possible manner. Where others see waste, we see opportunities. We utilize our waste in the best possible manner, converting them into useful by products.

Sugar is an important example in this case. It is the only product of sugarcane that is sold as a commodity. Bagasse is used to generate power for captive consumption while molasses are distilled to produce industrial alcohol. Alcohol is then processed downstream to produce low-density polyethylene, acetic acid, ethyl acetate, butanol etc.

Environment is another key area for us. Our plants are environment friendly and we take care to ensure that a proper green belt is maintained around them. We follow an environment friendly system of manufacturing our products, whether they are agro-based products, petrochemicals or alcohol chemicals. We also produce goods from by products that are either exported or employed as import substitutes.

All our plants have passed the Pollution Control Board tests and conform to International Emission Standards.

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